Eli “Lito” Mateo

is an experienced Percussionist in the NEW ENGLAND music scene.


Eli Mateo: Pro gear with a Pro attitude.

Eli “Lito” Mateo is a Puerto Rican-born percussionist currently based in Worcester, Massachusetts. He has a wealth of experience and talent under his belt. Ever since he was only 8 years old, Eli had the opportunity to play and perform in a wide variety of settings and experiment with various musical styles.

Eli is highly regarded for his musicianship, as well as for his commitment to always take on any engagement with utmost professionalism and respect for his craft and the musicians around him. His ability to seamlessly add tasteful percussion to songs in many different genres, as well as his professional ethics, contributed to making him a very on-demand musician on stage and in the recording studio setting alike.

Skilled percussionists aren’t only able to craft a solid beat, but to enhance the rhythm with colorful nuances and alluring depth.

He is known for his ability to enhance any groove with flavorful and sophisticated percussion fills. Whether he is playing with a band or alongside a producer/DJ, Eli is a true master of his craft, and he feels comfortable performing in a wide variety of genres. Due to his cultural background, Eli is particularly fond of Latin music: genres such as salsa, vallenato or bossa nova are highly associated with percussive sounds, and in many ways, these musical expressions really changed the way percussion instruments are intended. Latin percussion instruments aren't only about enhancing a rhythm or a beat, but also adding another layer of melodies (for example, through the pleasant sympathetic notes of a well-tuned set of congas). Eli set out to expand on his Latin music background and enlarge his musical vocabulary to incorporate elements of various genres - including jazz, rock, blues, R&B or even punk and country, among countless others.

Where there are a tempo and a rhythm, Eli can fit a groove in the pocket!

Over the years, Eli shared the stage with artists such as Julissa Bermudez, RUN DMC, Domenic Marte , Danny Berrios, Rene Gonzales, Gamble & Burke, and many more.

Currently, Eli is endorsed by quality instrument companies the likes of Silverfox Percussion, TRX cymbals, Mee audio, Cympads and Drumtacs, Tycoon Percussion among others.